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So you want to be an EPIC! faller fighter or healer? Then you have come to the right place. These are LA's tried and true tips for ensuring your success.

Rules for Fighting (by Inu a second circle healer with contributions from BlackHand and Pun'isher)

  1. Get surrounded.
  2. Always try to get surrounded by as many critters as you can. The more there are the more heroic you will seem!
  3. Attack large herpetids, and other slow to kill critters.
  4. The best critters to attack first are not the strongest ones! Instead attack critters that make you drunk first. This ensures you will be happy when you fall.
  5. Drink while hunting.
  6. It also helps you stay unbalanced and add to the challenge of a LA hunt.
  7. When charging, send in the only healer first.
  8. Healers need to ensure that fighters are not attacked by strong critters by entering first and getting trapped. This works best if the only healer is also a moonstoner.
  9. Fall early -- to vermine.
  10. This ensure the healers will not be bored and will be kept busy raising you instead of healing fighters who are still up!
  11. Healers - keep all fighters on red.
  12. The fighters will appreciate your ability to enhance the suspense of who will fall first! Plus once all the fighters are dead, you can dust off your weapon to slaughter all the critters they could not kill in 200 hits.
  13. Charge into the next snell when low on health.
  14. This ensures much more drama and excitement as you run for your life.
  15. Try to ss just as you fall.
  16. Don't bother trying to outrun or save yourself, instead wait until the last minute to ss where you are at. It is more nerve-wracking fun than russian roulette!
  17. mistype /thunk.
  18. When you mistype your think right before you fall, you are ensuring that any chance of rescue will take longer and more exciting for your rescuers!
  19. Fall.
  20. This should be self explanatory by now, and easily done.
  1. Bonus -Send out fighters while you hide in a cave.
  2. Bonus -Make sure the one exile with the chain falls first!
  3. Bonus -Charge when low on health to run critters.