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Laughing Academy is a clan in the EPIC! Online Role Playing Game, Clan Lord by Delta Tao. We are a group of exiles from all backgrounds who manage to get mixed up in the silliest and craziest situations. We frequently require rescue, and we tend to 'fall' a lot. Many other exiles have at one point been members of The Laughing Academy.

If you like to laugh, then LA is for you!

History - as made up by Inu

It all began when Super Chicken (presently of the eminent clan Order of the Mini) decided he would create a clan in his own image. Then on the seventh day, he left to become a Mini!

Super Chicken, feeling bad for LA, decreed that Baker's Man would suffer serve in his place.

Today LA is led more or less by no one. Instead ruled by egalitarian chaos and the benign benevolence of Pun'isher, Inu Teisei and DragonHawk.

In recent years, LA has managed to team up with a Snow Lemming on many sacrificial fun filled hunts and daring rescues since a Snow Lemming always has to save LA's <censored>. The alliance between the two clans was never a conscious effort, instead in typical LA fashion, it just happened.