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History of the Laughing Academy.

A HUGE thanks to Super Chicken for providing the history of the founding of the clan and his involvement with it since. Here is his story about that. Although it has both IC and OOC elements in it, the narrative is fascinating and informative so I have left his words alone. I just added the paragraph breaks for readability.

The history of the laughing academy is quite extensive through the eyes of a chicken. The laughing academy was founded in the early days of puddleby. It was the 3rd clan to be created, right behind #1, Sun dragon clan, and #2, Dwarven Militia. HWC for Super Chicken began clanning in V42. At this time, the laughing academy had already been founded, and the founder "Riff Raff" had left the lands. Some exiles say he was the funniest person they had ever met, unfortunately I never met him. The LA was dead at this time, but I found a surviving member after a few weeks of looking, and joined up!

The first "character reset" I experienced was during the fire of v49. All characters got deleted, due to a fire at delta tao, or whoever has their servers, plus all the clans were deleted too. A complete server reset! So after a week or two of everyone being a total noob, a few people managed to scrounge up the coins to start clans again. This time I founded the Laughing Academy, and it was the 2nd clan to be made. So the laughing academy was born again! But it was really only "the chicken's clan". No one had much interest in joining it. So the Chicken's clan lived untill the ripture wars. When of course, everyone was reset again, all clans, all characters A few weeks later the LA was founded again by me, Super Chicken! Yet again no one was really interested in joining the Laughing Academy. There was always a die hard member or two though. Then i quit CL... FOREVER!!!

After forever had passed (a year or two) I came back. The LA was still dead, i quit forever again, came back, repeated this a few times. Eventually i came back to discover some halfling had rekindled the clan. Bubbles had done a swell time at remaking CL. Shortly after my return, Bubbles left CL forever, and LA died with me in charge!

It seemed I wasn't much of a clan leader, and it took me quite awhile for me to figure this out. So after I quit CL a few more times, upon my return I was invited into the minis. Well, I wasn't actually invited that simply, i stalked the minis for many years, always trying to get into the clan. I figured what's funnier? Being in LA, or the order of the minis? So I tricked the minis into letting me in! With my amazing chicken cleverness! I left my healer alt "Baker's Man" because part of me will always be a laughing academy member. After I officially left LA, what happen? LA flourished more then it has ever before! When Pun'isher started clanning the LA seemed to suit her really well. She took over the LA and, well, the rest is history.