My how the time fliesJul 7, 2012

Well Laughing Academy has been very busy inducting new members. Our roster of current members is up almost 35! Of course since our policy is to pay members to join :D , we need to do more coining!

Please welcome to the clan, members who joined in 2007:

Agoob, Arutha, Bloodstoner, ChikunBakeNBrew, Elumckap Suni, Fafnir, Firetruck, Hunt, Inu’s Packmule, Jaryd, Miratisu**, Neon, Other, Prowl, ShadowD, Socamoto, Throk, Tongonto.

** First new member of 2008!

We also welcome honorary members:

Baffina, Galen, Illora Mone, Miug, Ortlinde
I hope I didn’t miss anyone, if I did I am sorry, please let me know next time you see me (or email me!). If you would like to receive occasional clan news via email (aka calls to action, news, etc), please send me your email at inuteisei (on the) gmail dot com

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