An important announcement from the LA Blog MeisterJul 7, 2012

We have moved!  Since we didn’t have much activity on the old site, the old entries were recreated on this site.

If any exile still belongs to Laughing Academy and wants to trash contribute valuable wisdom to this site, please send an email to the LA Blog Meister.  Let them know who you are IC and an email address to use to send your password to.  You can change it after you login.  You IC name will be used as the login name (spaces and special characters will be removed).


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Magic PensJul 7, 2012

All LA members are welcome to the magic pens used to create this scroll. Just send an enchanted mail to the LA blog meister from this site. During my extended studies I have been busy creating the magic pens required for this scroll.  Former members and a Snow Lemming members are also welcome!

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